Adding a new subdomain on Netlify

I hosted 2 sites with a custom domain on Netlify, it’s been such a great experience, but I wanted to add a subdomain and sometimes, it just doesn’t work. So here it is, the list.

Simply :

  1. Make a new branch, we can call it baru
  2. Change a bit of the content on the baru branch
  3. Go to domain settings on the Netlify dashboard
  4. Add the branch name manually to the branch subdomains box
  5. Click trigger deploy
  6. Change a bit of the content on the local and then push it to the baru branch
  7. Wait for about 5-30 mins

I won’t go into details, but this works. I searched the web for steps but most of them didn’t work for me.

If you do know that’s there’s a better way than this, open an issue on the djoernal repository to help improve the content.