My First Post

Hi, it’s Andre. I really hope that this journal will be the last one that I make. I’ve created probably more than five journals and most of them are only filled with hello world posts. So hopefully, this is the last one.

Also, you might wonder why the name of this site is Djoernal, well the Van Ophuijsen spelling is one of my interest since I kinda like how it looks sophisticated. So anyway Djoernal is the old way of writing Jurnal, the indonesian equivalent of Journal. The name Djoernal is also available on Netlify so I guess it’s a nice name.

Besides the Van Ophuijsen spelling, there’s tons of things that triggers my dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins hormones 1. Starting from Lomographic Photos, Historical Events to Human Rights and many more.

I speak Indonesia natively, but speaking English fluently helped me gain more information over the internet. If that wasn’t enough, the language itself gave me friends over the internet. So yeah. That’s it.

I’m planning on writing about the new movie (at this time) Bohemian Rhapsody. So yeah, stay tuned for that!

  1. Those 4 words are the hormones that’s going to be triggered by your brain if you’re happy. I think.